Mission of Syngas Biofuels Energy, Inc.
   Syngas Biofuels Energy, Inc. is a privately held emerging biotechnology company developing disruptive technologies for commercial manufacture of fuels and commodity
chemicals with C
1 - C6 carbon backbone directly and selectively reducing inorganic CO2 in house extracted from air and concentrated at disruptive manufacturing cost. Syngas
Biofuels Energy, Inc.
is headquartered in Houston, Texas. Syngas Biofuels Energy, Inc. is well-positioned in developing disruptive proprietary technologies for low-cost
manufacturing of commodity chemicals and fuels using proprietary biocatalysis of air CO
2 with negative carbon footprint directly and selectively to fuels and commodity chemicals.
Syngas Biofuels Energy, Inc. has theft-proof microbial gene expression platform. This platform is ultimately protected from unauthorized reproduction and created by
our pioneering means of proprietary
genome tailoring along with the use of proprietary patented gas blend fermentation process. The pathways of carbon flow were tailored to
ensure that only chemically pure carbon-contained target liquid product is formed in excess from raw material gas blend feedstock at great product carbon recovery rates from CO
carbon. The feedstock gas blend is produced in house using our proprietary technologies at manufacturing costs:  H
2 ~ $0.26 per kilogram and CO2  ~ $5.00 per ton. Use of
disruptive Syngas Biofuels Energy, Inc. technologies
and proprietary engineered biocatalysts ultimately result in decrease of National dependence on imported
, reversal of global warming, creation of new type of chemical industry along with creation of millions (depending on commercialization scale) well-paying jobs
and rural development. Fuel Isobutanol from air CO2 if occupied its designated 60 % fraction of $1 trillion gasoline market (60 % isobutanol + 40 % gasoline = Texanol) will turn
down air CO
2 level to the level of year 1900 in just 250 years from now. Our proprietary technologies reduces inorganic carbon of CO2 used as process feedstock to organic carbon
of fuels and commodity chemicals, six in the current pipeline.  All other companies operating on the existing $3 trillion market oxidize organic carbon of petroleum, coal and /or
sugar(s) to manufacture fuels and commodity chemicals with mandatory CO
2 emissions. Developed disruptive technologies are being commercialized through Microbial
Biocatalyst International, Inc.
, also headquartered in Houston, Texas.
Syngas Biofuels Energy, Inc.
                       Syngas Biofuels Energy, Inc. Proprietary Disruptive Manufacturing Technology
  • Negative carbon footprint during proprietary manufacturing process with O2 as a by-product
  • Hydrogen is manufactured in house using electrolysis of waste water and proprietary solar panels management allowing recovery up to 70 % solar energy for in
    house storage and use directly as DC to make manufacturing independent from grid for 10 months a year
  • Continuous gas blend fermentation process with chemically pure product as opposite to fuels and chemicals from carbohydrates: sugars/ligno-cellulosic biomass, coal
    or petroleum
  • With no tax incentives and credits for negative carbon emissions,  Isobutanol fuel  manufacturing cost is <0.69 per gallon of 99 % product  and becomes negative
    with Federal and State tax credits and incentives enabling also rural development due to ecologically pure technological processes
  • Customized microbial tailored genome biocatalysts were engineered to tolerate toxic contaminants in gas blends made in house. Customized biocatalysts do not suffer product
    inhibition at commercially sound product concentrations in fermentation broths and render near theoretical biocatalysis process performance to enable robust continuous
    process and economical product recovery rates.
  • Our proprietary custom Bioreactor 20,000 gallon modules are suited for multi-step modular scaling up to any scale
  • 30 MGPY isobutanol manufacturing facilities are totally clonable anywhere in the world with preference given to the State of Texas with its abundant sunshine and
    exemplary professionally competent and friendly workforce: Texas will lead the Nation to more prosperity
  • Continuous gas blend fermentation along with proprietary microbial cell retaining and processing process waste for the added value to the manufacturing process
    renders up to 70 % efficiency of capital equipment use compared to only near 35 % equipment time use in batch sugar fermentations of competitors.
Competition on Fuel IsoButanol Market:
  • Gevo
  • ButaMax (DuPont)
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Our Proprietary Biocatalysis:
8CO2 + 9H2 =  7O2 + 2Isobutanol