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Reversal of Global Warming via Commercialization

Direct and Selective Reduction of Air CO2 to Fuels and Commodity Chemicals for Existing $3 Trillion    
                Market to Preserve Fresh Water on Earth via Reversal of Global Warming

Commercialization path is always a competition with existing manufacturers.  We would like to avoid competition with useless disputes and lots of energy wasted to get
even, because of the five reasons:

•        Earth surface temperature increases constantly due to extra solar energy absorbed by extra CO
2 in the atmosphere which has the highest density of 1.98 gram
per cubic meter at average air gas blend density of 1.22 gram per cubic meter thus CO
2  is always on the surface collecting much of Sun heat rendered at generous
1,371 W per square meter. This is the nature of global warming with direct deadly consequence - evaporation of fresh water to outer space like water evaporates from
forgotten boiling pot on a stove, to be happen in the next 50 something years .  No water means no life and this is the truth we have to face – so any competition on
the way to reverse this seems irrational. Is this the end of the contemporary World?
•        Petroleum (carbohydrates) still serves as one of the major energy sources on the planet to produce energy by means of carbohydrate oxidation. Petroleum
reserves will be depleted in a few decades from now. Thus there is a need to find new jobs for all the individuals employed in petroleum-associated industries along
with finding planetary scale sources of carbon suitable for manufacturing the same as from petroleum for existing markets of fuels and commodity chemicals.  Our
proprietary technology consumes CO
2 produced by energy and chemiclas/fuels manufacturers which use oxidizing of carbohydrates. They create new business
opportunities for us: we extracting CO
2 from air directly and selectively for in house use at the CO2 manufacturing cost around $2.00 per ton of 20 % mix additionally
comprising 80 % of hydrogen made in house using our proprietary technology rendering hydrogen at $0.23 per kilo.
•        Global warming is caused by growing energy production and exponential population growth (breathing) – both do not have no natural balancing force to
decrease CO
2 production. Our goal is to provide balancing force by manufacturing gasoline extender directly and selectively from concentrated air CO2.
•        Only our proprietary manufacturing process reduces CO
2, the waste of energy production from carbohydrates and breathing. In fact our technology works as the
technology utilizing concentrated air CO
2 as a feedstock for process rendering fuel isobutanol in continuous biocatalysis process.
•        The prototype is available.  It took long seven years and mastery of art in financial, HR and R & D approach to have this done for the amount comparable to that
others have spend (over $99M) for developing of similar process however using oxidation of carbohydrates with CO
2 process emissions. Here is our proprietary
manufacturing process reducing CO
2: continuous manufacturing process utilizing air CO2 as feedstock  for direct and selective biocatalysis to fuel isobutanol
manufcatured at disruptive manufacturing cost below $0.69 per gallon of 99 % product by the means of carbon reduction not oxidizing (

                 Compressed Commercialization Overview:

  • First commercial air CO2 to fuel plant will help commercialize globally existing proprietary disruptive technology to reduce global warming using power of exsting
    gasoline market.
  • Exponential increase of air CO2 causes global warming leading to loss of fresh water vapors to outer space. Global warming is caused by growing energy
    production and exponential population growth – both do not have no natural balancing force to decrease CO2 production. Our goal is to provide balancing force
    by manufacturing gasoline extender isobutanol directly and selectively from concentrated air CO2.
  • The process is 25 times more efficient compared to plant cells growth and does not compete with energy and petroleum industry but rather favors their
    development as the source of air CO2 pollution. Our manufacturing process uses air CO2, the waste of energy production and breathing. In fact technology
    works as air CO2 sink reducing it directly and selectively to fuel extender isobutanol. With your support we will be able to start commercialization of our
    proprietary technology utilizing concentrated air CO2 as a feedstock for our process rendering fuel in continuous biocatalysis process.
  • The technology will reduce air CO2 to the level of year 1900 (one fourth of current CO2 level) in just 250 years if commercialized to fit $600billion fraction of $1
    trillion gasoline market. Disruptive (competitive) technology has no toxic or non disposable waste – each gram of our process waste produced is environmentally
    friendly and can be used as food for humans and livestock.
  • Our proprietary tools and methods of operations have been proven to save great resources to develop the disruptive technology. This will enable global
    expansion of our disruptive technology for more efficient reduction of air CO2 compared to what plant cells do, aimed at preserving planet fresh water reserve
    using power of existing $3 trillion market of fuels and commodity chemicals. We use genetically altered by our proprietary molecular biology technology
    microorganisms which originally are ancient not-toxic and non-pathogenic life forms.

The engineered microorganism (biocatalyst) genome was tailored by proprietary means to overproduce fuel from inorganic carbon of CO
2 and to prevent biocatalyst
free unlawful propagation in nature if stolen or during any commercial accidents. The biocatalysis process is based on reduction of inorganic carbon in air CO
2 to
organic carbon of fuel isobutanol. This process is powered by natural forces of sodium gradient allowing preservation of sodium gradient energy in the form of ATP to
power inorganic carbon reduction to organic carbon. This process is known in microorganisms inhabiting Earth for over 5.5 billion years. Biocatalyst engineered for
commercial manufacturing will not pollute environment since the commercial technology utilizes each and every calorie of the process waste in closed technological
cycle for additional revenue streams generation with added values (like new lines of space craft foods and refrigerated yogurts with extended shelf life and no
preservants, or dried foods with 100 year shelf life).

Each 30MGPY commercial plant costs over $140M and starts making revenue on the second year of operations. The process also produces oxygen and fresh water
as byproducts and uses petroleum production water or pre-treated ocean water to make hydrogen at disruptive manufacturing cost in house via solar energy powered
water electrolysis. The energetics of our proprietary solar system operation and energy storage process is unique to collect and use as much DC electric energy as
possible in the form of DC, preserved by special accumulators and redistributed for all manufacturing functions powered by DC only with no return to grid where
conversion losses exceed 60 %. The electricity produced by solar power allows for recovery up to 70 % of total solar  irradiation available in equatorial and sub-
equatorial areas at naturally reaching Earth surface Sun energy of 1,371 kW per square meter (127.5 W per square foot). With no energy return to grid and
competitive manufacturing costs, commercial process does not consume fresh water and creates 7 well-paying jobs per each 30 MGPY plant directly and over 20 jobs
indirectly for contractors and service workers.

The manufacture is environmentally friendly and may be located in urban and other populated areas to make commute reasonably short for known reasons and
optimal life-work balance.
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Increasing air CO2 increases Earth surface temperature and adds water evaporation.  More active due to extra heat water vapor molecules gain energy for extra longer
travel distances to end up evaporated into space vacuum.  The mechanism is similar to vacuum drying or resembles boiling water pot effect.  During vacuum drying,
there is a point of no return when vapors start leaving hot liquid surface at exponentially increasing rate.  One morning people wake up and see significant decrease to
almost none surface fresh water.

The schematics of the fresh water loss process is shown below
feedstock to manufacture commodity chemicals and fuels for existing $3 trillion market.  
This approach offers opportunity to utilize market power to reverse global warming by
consuming air CO
2 directly and selectively for use as a commercial feedstock to
manufacture fuels and commodity chemicals at disruptive manufacturing costs using our
proprietary engineered biocatalysts-acetogens in continuous CO
2 fermentation process.
Our on-going efforts to manufacture CO
2 and N2 extracted directly and selectively from air in
house at cost below $2.00 and $03.00, respectively, per ton concentrated will make our
distillation and/or membrane filtration. Manufacture of H
2 from oil production water using
solar panel powered electrolysis is totally viable at Houston latitude. Dr. Tyurin will use
standard approach of DC power management already developed for confined facilities with
DC motors and other appliances with no need to convert the DC to AC /return to the grid as
the major cause of solar energy losses. At said solar energy proprietary management over
70 % of solar energy may be preserved to power our proprietary manufacturing process.
The in house manufacturing cost will be only $0.23 per kilo of H
2. The schematic diagram of
30 MGPY manufacturing facility with negative carbon footprint and environmentally friendly
operation mode is shown below.
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