Electrotransformation Generators Rendering Exponential or Square Pulses (Pulse Trains): Output Circuit Diagram (not Syngas Biofuels Energy, Inc.)
Historically exponential and square wave generators have been widely marketed and are available in any lab around the world Inexpensive equipment is great to electrotransform typical
workhorses of molecular projects.  If cells to be electrotransformed posses complex cell morphology and/ or complex cell development cycle such equipment for electrotransformation
becomes useless. Below you will find easy explanation how cells with high internal electric capacitance distort applied xponential or square electric pulse form and thus do not become
electrotransformed requiring special electrotransformation generators manufactured only by
Syngas Biofuels Energy, Inc.  
  The generator is available for just $220,867.99 FOB Houston facility.
Syngas Biofuels Energy, Inc. Electrotransformation Generator Has Cell Sample in Series with
the Output Circuit Thus Making Cell Sample Capacitance Irrelevant and Thus Can Drive Cell
Samples with High Internal Capacitance to Electric Membrane Breakdown State
         Exponential or Square Wave Electrotransformation Generators Fail to Electrotransform Cell Samples with High Internal
Capacitance Connected in Parallel to  Semiconductor Electronic Key due to Pulse Distortion and Dramatic Voltage Amplitude Drop
 With circuit diagrams on the left and pulse form distortion patterns on the right you can see how ubiquitous electrotransformation equipment is not performing well when cell samples with
high electric capacitance (cells with complex cell morphology are treated with pulses.  Most of the R & D efforts with clostridia-like organisms and organisms with complex intracellular
morphology and/or cell development cycle are really futile unless a researcher uses electroporation generators, capable of working with high electric capacitance cell samples. The picture
above explains this point. Therefore, the reports on efficient metabolic engineering of clostridia-like organisms with the use of non-Syngas Biofuels Energy, Inc. ET/EF generators, recite
low efficiencies of gene transfer, emphasize the need for special transforming DNA methylation (this only increases ET efficiency ten-fold) and are neither reproducible nor lead to any
industrial biocatalysts.  Most reports either list data obtained with contaminated samples or just claim bogus findings. Samples connected in series with the power active electronic key with
low internal capacitance (< 13 pF) and power capacitor may have any electric capacitance and thus become electrotrasformable:
From historical perspective there were multiple attempts to reproduce the circuit design without author's authorization
using semiconductors instead of power tubes - all failed
 Syngas Biofuels Energy, Inc. unique electroporation / electrofusion equipment is based on authentic parts not available elsewhere. Combination of power capacitor and power tetrode
with transient capacitance only 13 pF does in fact compete with any semiconductor power elements with high internal capacitance with circuit powered with low quality film capacitors NOT
CAPABLE of excitation and delivering of spontaneous pulse current oscillations in the output circuit to enable cell membrane electric breakdown in cells with high internal electric
capacitance along with electrophoretic transportation of transforming molecules into electropermeabilized target cells:
 Syngas Biofuels Energy, Inc. sells generators with five-year limited manufacturer's warranty for each custom-made high voltage generator in the United States and overseas.  No lease
to buy option is available at this time.

 Solid state electronics design and protection against accidental discharge along with safe management of all generator circuits ensure safety of laboratory personnel and protection of
corporate/institutional property against accidental damages associated with the use of high voltage high pulse current systems generating high frequency electromagnetic fields of
magnitude regulated by EPA and EPA-like overseas regulatory organizations
Syngas Biofuels Energy, Inc. offers proprietary line of electroporation and electrofusion equipment with electric pulse parameters not available elsewhere:  
  • Bacteria, yeast, algae and mammalian cells electrotransformation with nucleic acids and peptides
  • Proprietary techniques: Electrofusion of bacterial and bacterial or archaeal cells aimed at genome shuffling
  • Electrofusion of Yeast and Bacteria for time- and cost-efficient integration of bacterial DNA into yeast genome
  • Electrofusion of bacterial and mammalian cells for time- and cost-efficient bacterial DNA integration into mammalian genome
  • Electrofusion of Algae and Bacteria for time- and cost-efficient bacterial DNA integration into algae DNA

 Syngas Biofuels Energy, Inc. has thirty six years of experience in design and manufacture of customized electroporation generators and pulse current networks. Syngas Biofuels
Energy, Inc. offers generators with single pulse outputs in the range of 0 - 8,000 V and 0.5 µs - 50 sec at the pulse leading front <0.5 µs, pulse trains and pulses of non-traditional
proprietary forms in unipolar mode.

Syngas Biofuels Energy, Inc. next generation systems deliver bipolar pulses with oscillatory decaying form for any sample load with the final load impedance 20 Ω and above.
Syngas Biofuels Energy, Inc. generators provide unique capability to actually watch, adjust and record real-time signals of pulse voltage and pulse current at your computer.  Pulse records
in combination with recombinant analysis data allow smooth transition and extrapolation of single series experimental results over the entire experimental set with nearly identical probability
of experimental success.
Syngas Biofuels Energy, Inc.
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Syngas Biofuels Energy, Inc. markets it own made in the US unique electroporation / electrofusion equipment based on authentic parts not available elsewhere.  Each electrofusion
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$220,867.99 FOB Houston (includes five year limited warranty) - your choice for genetic transformation of organisms with high
electric cell capacitance caused by abundant intracellular membrane structures.  Syngas Biofuels Energy, Inc. electroporation generators have unique schematic solutions offering
suitability for any kind of cell samples when any other electroporation equipment fails to render anticipated results.  Syngas Biofuels Energy, Inc. generators offer additional opportunity for
direct and cost-efficient high frequency cell electrofusion for fast gene delivery with no need for vectors. The schematic explanation is provided below.
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